Laura Miller Photo by Iñigo de Amescua

An alumna of the School of Interior Design at Auburn University’s Department of Architecture, Laura Miller is an interior designer with a highly adaptable sense of style and a broad creative range. Her work in any given arena conveys refined simplicity with thoughtful attention to detail.

Laura’s tailored approach seeks a balance that is both delightful to the senses and practical for daily living. In her 20 years working in Southern California, Colorado and Florida, she has cultivated a remarkable understanding of materials, proportion, light and color.

I begin with understanding my client’s needs and wants. What part of life will be framed here? A home is a deeply personal place: it mirrors your personality; it sets a stage for your experiences and traditions; and it keeps you company when you are there by yourself.

Laura is pursuing professional accreditation through the Green Building Certification Institute’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. "Our individual environments can be luxurious and still leave a smaller global footprint."

Laura Miller, ASID